In the lending domain, operations are typically segmented into two key phases:

Loan Origination Phase

This process must be executed before using MO's solution.

Loan Servicing Phase

MO's Credit Card Core solution covers all necessary services used at this stage.

MO Credit Card Core is a Post Origination Solution covering the loan servicing phase. As a result, to take advantage of MO's solution, first, you need to perform by yourself or through a third party the loan origination.

Origination Phase

The loan approval process involves high-level tasks such as verifying borrower or business authenticity, assessing creditworthiness, and completing necessary formalities, including digital signatures. You need to be capable of performing these tasks to take advantage of MO's solution. Instead of building these processes internally, you can use third-party solutions to cover the entire origination phase.

Origination phase requirements

Explore the Origination Phase page for detailed insights about Loan Origination Solutions.

Servicing Phase - MO Credit Core Solution

MO Credit Core is an essential solution for Loan Servicing in the lending industry. It plays a vital role as a comprehensive solution for managing and maintaining loans and credit offerings during the operational phase of financial services.

The first phase of integration with MO does not require you to have an origination solution up and running. Therefore, while you start your MO integration, you can perform the origination services integrations in parallel.

Step 1: Create a Product and Offer

Your journey with MO begins with receiving your back-office access and API keys. With these in hand, you can launch and manage your credit card program. This process consists in:

  1. Project Creation: MO's support team creates a Project as required by your business, configuring country, currency, and active credit limit.
  2. Create a New Product: Offer your customers a comprehensive product using the Product Configuration feature. You can create a product using our dashboard.
  3. Generate Offers: Craft specific Offers within the newly created product. You can create an offer using our dashboard.

Step 2: Create a cardholder account

Before enabling credit operations for your customers, they need to go through the origination phase. If you are unsure about the requirements related to the origination, check the Origination Phase page. The credit provision is enabled when you create a customer on MO's Credit Core. The steps to accomplish this task are described below.

  1. On your webpage or app, you will capture the customer information.
  2. Perform the origination phase process, such as checking the authenticity and credit score, using the third-party services you have connected with. After signing the contract, you can start the card embossing.
  3. After the origination phase and contract signature, you can create the customer on the MO Credit Core system. You will use the Create customer endpoint, leveraging the product_id to associate the customer with the created product.

After creating the customer and defining the associated credit product, your user will be able to perform credit operations.

Step 3: Create a transaction assigned to an account

Establish transactions linked to specific accounts to track and manage financial activities accurately.

Step 4: Fetch account information

Fetch the account information using the Get Customer Balance. The purpose of this endpoint is to enable MO Credit Card Core to retrieve specific details about a credit card account.

Step 5: Create a payment

Initiate and process payments for seamless financial transactions between customers and your institution.

Step 6: Generate Statement

Compile a detailed statement summarizing the account activity so that you can have an overview of the customer's financial interactions and commitments.