What is MO Credit Card Core?

MO Credit Core platform is a cutting-edge digital credit lifecycle management solution that revolutionizes credit operations by centralizing and digitizing every aspect of the process. Leveraging in-house proprietary technology, We offer our partners a comprehensive and immersive solution, enabling them to centralize and digitize the heart of their credit operations.

Who is MO Credit Core for?

MO solution was created to allow any company to issue and provide its own credit card service and manage credit for its clients. Traditionally, large businesses or startups would need to build in-house credit solutions to access credit management. However, it is a complex, time-consuming, and costly process, limiting its access.

When you choose MO to begin your credit operation, you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about setting up a credit management system or integrating with processors. MO offers an easily accessible, out-of-the-box solution that integrates with payment processors and updates all stakeholders through its proxy channel. MO's user-friendly portal also allows you to perform all necessary management operations.

MO's credit card management system enables any issuer to streamline the process of launching a credit card product. With the MO Manage system, you can create and update offers, manage loan logic, and handle credit card accounts. It specifically benefits new card issuers without an in-house credit card management engine, allowing them to enter the market, compete with personalized offers, and initiate operations without extensive internal development efforts.

How MO works

In traditional credit card operations, the card network directly contacts the issuer, as presented in the diagram below. This direct communication with the network is a challenge that restricts companies from providing credit services due to the integration complexity.

When you choose MO, it takes care of all information exchange to process credit card operations. You have access to a simplified integration that allows you to provide credit services. MO will approve the transaction based on the rules you define, such as credit limits, overdrafts, and others.